Ultimate Personal Health Records Solution

In a world where special care and collaboration are pivotal for the holistic development of individuals with special needs, Innoright Solutions proudly presents InnoCare – your ultimate Personal Health Records product. Developed in partnership with a team of dedicated Psychologists, Therapists, Parents, and Academicians, InnoCare is now LIVE and ready to revolutionize the way you manage and track progress in special care therapy.

Why Innocare

The journey towards the success of therapy is a collaborative one, involving therapists, parents, caregivers, and educators. InnoCare is born from this understanding, aiming to bring together the care team to achieve the best outcomes for those in need. InnoCare is a cloud-based subscription platform that offers unparalleled simplicity and accessibility. It empowers parents and caregivers with on-the-go access to critical information, equipping them with the tools they’ve been seeking for optimal care management. As we embark on this journey, the product roadmap is brimming with exciting features, making this just the beginning.

Key features

Streamlined Progress Tracking

  • Case History: Maintain a comprehensive record of the individual’s developmental journey, ensuring every detail is captured for informed decision-making.
  • Care Providers: Seamlessly manage and collaborate with therapists, doctors, and caregivers in real-time, fostering a supportive ecosystem for progress.
  • Goal Oriented Training: Set, monitor, and achieve goals effectively with goal-oriented training plans, tailored to the individual’s unique needs.

Effortless Care Management

  • Daily Care Logs: Keep a detailed log of daily care activities, ensuring a thorough understanding of the individual’s routines and requirements.
  • Health Issues of the Day: Stay updated on the daily health status, allowing immediate attention to any emerging concerns.
  • Behavior Log: Monitor and analyze behavior patterns, making informed decisions based on trends and insights.
  • Medications: Maintain a comprehensive list of medications, dosages, and schedules, ensuring adherence and avoiding any conflicts.

Comprehensive Information Hub

  • Insurance Information: Keep track of insurance details, simplifying the process of managing healthcare-related expenses.
  • Appointments & Visits: Manage appointments and visits seamlessly, avoiding scheduling conflicts and ensuring timely care.
  • Vitals: Monitor vital signs and health metrics, empowering caregivers with real-time information.

Tailored for Every Need

InnoCare’s innovative architecture accommodates multiple Care Coordinators, enabling parents, therapists, and doctors to collaborate effectively. Whether you’re an individual user or part of an institution focused on special needs, InnoCare’s flexibility caters to your specific requirements.

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