Our Team

Prasad Pasumarthi – Founder & CEO

Meet Prasad, a tech maestro with 26 years of wisdom in BFSI, Defence, Criminal Justice, and the Public Sector. He’s got the badges to prove it—Oracle Certified Application Developer, Oracle Certified Database Administrator, PMP, you name it.

In his stint at Franklin Templeton, Prasad played tech matchmaker for Enterprise Risk, Legal, Compliance, and Global HR. He was the wizard behind the curtains of Workday, PeopleSoft HR, eGRC Archer, and Oracle Apex technologies. And hey, he led the EU-GDPR charge like a tech superhero, juggling Risk and Governance solutions on the eGRC Archer platform.

Back in the CMC days, Prasad pulled off the “Countermeasure Control Center (CCC)” magic trick at Defence Electronic Research Laboratories. No big deal, just making the Department of Defence in India a tech haven.

But wait, there’s more! Prasad jet-setted across the U.S., rubbing elbows with the Pennsylvania State Police, Fairfax County Gang Investigation Unit, and Bureau of Industry & Security. He’s one of the brains behind the Incident Management System that’s a hit with 95% of police departments in the UK and the Western Australia Police Force.

And now, as the CEO of Innoright Solutions, Prasad isn’t just steering the ship; he’s crafting strategies, visions, and growth plans with the finesse of a tech guru. Grounded, approachable, and a perpetual mentor and learner. His secret? A performance-driven culture that’s more exciting than a roller coaster ride. Cheers to Prasad, the tech virtuoso, making IT dreams come true!

Ravi Nistala – Co-founder & CTO

Meet Ravi, the tech wizard with 25 years of enchanting spells in Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Pharma, and Logistics. He’s not just a cloud expert; he’s the Cloud-certified AWS Solution Architect, AWS Developer Associate, and the guy who probably dreams in code.

Certified in Azure Cloud and Google Cloud Platform? Check. Blockchain Expert? You betcha. His list of certifications reads like a tech buffet. PMP, ITIL v3, CSM, Six Sigma Green Belt, SCEA, SCJP, IBM Rational Certified, IBM Certified Enterprise Developer, Certified Blockchain Expert, SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Integration Suite —phew, he’s got them all. Aptly leading the tech pack as Chief Technology Officer, there cannot be a more qualified CTO to guide the teams.

Across the pond in the U.S., Ravi has been the tech maestro for Federal Government agencies, slinging technology architecture like it’s nobody’s business. Data security, interoperability, accessibility, disaster recovery—you name it, he’s got it covered for those US Federal Agencies.

 Ravi isn’t just a liaison; he’s the rockstar connecting GDIT and US Federal Agencies for all things Application Development and Support. Oh, and did we mention he’s the Technology Advisor for US Federal Agencies? No big deal.

But it doesn’t stop there. Ravi’s tech symphony has echoes in American Express, Aetna, Liberty Mutual, Key Bank, Eli Lilly, and even the tech giant TCS. He’s like the tech version of a superhero with an endless utility belt.

Respected by peers and teams alike, Ravi isn’t just the CTO at Innoright Solutions; he’s the Gandalf of our tech kingdom. Steering the ship with a mix of charm and tech brilliance, he’s not just driving our tech strategy—he’s taking it for a joyride.

So, here’s to Ravi, the tech maestro, orchestrating a symphony of innovation and excellence. All hail the wizard of technology!

Manjusha Gunakula -COO

Meet Manjusha, the tech virtuoso, excelling in the mystical arts of technical and functional architecting – think of her as the Gandalf of applications. From deciphering the enigmas of Public Services to unraveling the secrets of Retail, Finance, and Human Resources, she’s the Sherlock Holmes of the tech realm. With over 25 years of illustrious career, Manjusha has seen it all but exhibits the zeal of a child learning new things every day.

As the Chief Operating Officer overseeing project delivery and client liaison, Manjusha is not just a globetrotter; she’s a tech diplomat dazzling prestigious clients in the UK, Italy, Austria, and beyond. She breaks language barriers in the world of 1s and 0s like a true maestro.
During her stint at GE, it wasn’t merely a job; it was a power play. Manjusha, in her role as Program Manager, orchestrated Power Systems and GCF projects like a tech symphony conductor. The rumor mill suggests even the machines applauded.


Hold on – there’s more! Manjusha didn’t settle for just managing; she crafted internal tools for GE, making operations smoother than a perfectly executed dance move. Efficiency was her middle name (figuratively).

In her role as the Automation and MIS Head in the Resource Management Group, Manjusha wasn’t just leading a team; she was the captain of a tech spaceship, boldly defining processes and implementing systems like a true boss.

New business development and delivery are ingrained in her DNA. Manjusha doesn’t just follow tech trends; she sets them. It’s almost as if she has a crystal ball predicting the next big thing in the tech universe.

And achieving a Six Sigma Green Belt wasn’t just a walk in the park for Manjusha; she aced it, probably with a touch of her signature wit.

Speaking of accolades, Manjusha isn’t short of those. The Achievers Award from GE is just a testament to her brilliance. And let’s not forget the appreciation letters and awards from the big shots at GE Power Systems and GCF IT departments – it’s almost like they were her groupies.

As the Chief Operating Officer, she turns bits and bytes into a symphony of success, overseeing project delivery and client liaison with unparalleled finesse. Here’s to Manjusha, the tech maestro!