Built on Open Source technology, InnoLearn has an answer for all your Learning Management needs be it academics from Schools to Universities or Corporate / Compliance training.


Bulk course creation, detailed reporting & logs, personalized dashboards, high interoperability using SCORM & LTI, peer & self-assessment, badges, competency-based marking, rubrics are some of the product’s many excellent features. Come let’s learn together!

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A Comprehensive, Intuitive & Secure Document Management System with approval workflows, notifications, advanced content search, version control, and many more!


Highly customizable, Bulk file upload through simple drag & drop, File Lock / Unlock, Transfer files between users/groups, Knowledgebase, Audit log, Reports, Templates, Dashboards, Role-based access are some of the many rich features.

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InnoSurvey is a highly customizable stakeholder feedback tool that gives direct, first-hand information of the ground realities. Immutable data with easy-to-understand dashboards as well as trends helps in excellent & timely decision making.


Branded as EZFeedback, InnoSurvey is already implemented at local law enforcement agencies in the state of Telangana and is being fast adopted by similar departments.

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